Rebonds - Iannais Xenakis
lū, for solo vibraphone - Hugo Morales Murguía
Mirage, for solo marimba - Yasuo Sueyoshi
Un Chien Dehors - Jean-Pierre Drouet
Kím, for solo snare drum - Askell Masson
Asanga - Kevin Volans
Unchained Melody - David Lang 
Silence Must Be! - Thierry de Mey
Snare Studies - Ken Ueno (World Premiere)

The King of Denmark - Morton Feldman
Omar I and II , for solo vibraphone - Franco Donatoni
Aphasia - Mark Applebaum
?Corporel - Vinko Globokar
Graffitis - Georges Aperghis
Tension Study II: Eagle Claw Wu Tsiao Chien Wins - Sean Griffin
Do you have a minute? - Thais Montanari (commissioned) 
The Breathing Canvas - Zihua Tan and Kenny Wong (commissioned)
Two Sugar for piano and drumset, by Kota Nakamura (commissioned)


Why Patterns? - Morton Feldman
Pulau Dewata - Claude Vivier
Persephassa - Iannis Xenakis
Silent Spring (world premiere) - Zihua Tan
Sorites (world premiere) - Zihua Tan
Ricefall - Michael Pisaro
American Songbook I - George Crumb
Travel Diary for two percussionists - Paul Lansky
Threads - Paul Lansky
Third Construction - John Cage
Credo in US - John Cage
Ryoanji - John Cage
Otto's Orinthopter (world premiere) - Nick Benavides 
Water, Wine, Brandy, Brine - Viet Cuong
Situation III / JE TU NOUS - Anahita Abbasi
Pattycake - Sean Griffin
Sxueak - Matthew Burtner
Everything Else - Sarah Hennies

Les Uns II for three percussionists - Philippe Leroux
Airs for percussion and saxophone - Philippe Leroux
De la Vitesse for six percussionists - Philippe Leroux
Retrouvailles - Georges Aperghis
Les Guetteurs de Sons - Georges Aperghis
Dressur - Mauricio Kagel
Rrrrrr...... - Mauricio Kagel
Musique de Table - Thierry de Mey
Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ - Steve Reich
Mallet Quartet - Steve Reich
Tlön for three conductors - Mark Applebaum
Gone, Dog. Gone! - Mark Applebaum
Red Arc / Blue Veil, for Piano and Vibraphone - John Luther Adams
Strange and Sacred Noise, for four percussionists - John Luther Adams
Lin-koh, for two saxophonists and one percussionist - Kota Nakamura (commissioned)


Graffiti - Unsuk Chin
Extended Apocalypsis - Philippe Leroux
Intégrales, for Winds and Percussion - Edgard Varese
Mouvement (- vor der Erstarrung) for ensemble - Helmut Lachenmann
Stèles D’air - Jérôme Combier
Concertino, for Percussion Ensemble - Chris Harman
Winter Walks that Gravel My Voice, for viola and ensemble - Oren Boneh