8:00 PM20:00

The Up:Strike Project: Strange and Sacred Noise

The Up:Strike Project presents the Hong Kong Premiere of John Luther Adam’s Strange and Sacred Noise. Featuring 5 new percussionists joining the family as Up:Strikers and light installation artist Amy Chan, this performance will be a one-hour long of visually and sonically dramatic sounds. Audiences will be able to sit and relax at around the performance area at their most comfortable ways.

The project is supported by The Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

More info soon!

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8:20 PM20:20

02022020 w/ William Kuo

A world-wide 24-hours happening organized by NL based composer Lam Lai, this performance will happen on 02/02/2020 at 20:20 in Hong Kong. The installation/performance will feature Karen Yu, Hong Kong based percussionist, and William Kuo, Vancouver based composer.

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Exordium Collective at PCMF
8:00 PM20:00

Exordium Collective at PCMF

Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, EXORDIUM Collective [ExCo] is proud to present this special event as part of the PRISM Chamber Music Festival.

Joined by guest pianist Thomas Ang, ExCo will be presenting the Asian première of six highly different pieces that represents only a fraction of the divergent aesthetic in new music today, guaranteeing to surprise and delight audiences seeking to experience the novel and the adventurous.

Bringing together composers from Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Serbia, Singapore and the U.S., ExCo will be hosting two sessions of Open Rehearsals, as well as a meet-the-artist session immediately after the concert, allowing audiences to interact with the composers and performers.


Yu Kuwabara - In Between
Nathaniel Haering - Erratics
Nemanja Radivojević - _ TSH < 0.00001 _
Emily Koh - chronoma
Elnaz Seyedi - Fields of Time : 2nd Field
Angus Lee - triumvirate

Performers :
Charles Ng, saxophones
Karen Yu, percussion
Thomas Ang, guest pianist
Angus Lee, conductor


Visit this event's page at PCMF 2019 official website :

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"Vessel" at Osage HK w/ Ken Ueno
6:00 PM18:00

"Vessel" at Osage HK w/ Ken Ueno

A three-night series of events curated by the US Composer/Sound Artist/Vocalist, Ken Ueno.

Oct 9 18:00-20:00 @osage
Site-specific performances with
Karen Yu, percussionist

Snare Etude in three movements
Wavelengths for solo Vibraphone

More information: www.hkact.hk/act7

Presented by
Osage Art Foundation

Supported by
U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau
Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong
Department of Music, The University of Hong Kong
Knowledge Exchange Office, The University of Hong Kong

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Opening Concert of PCMF
8:00 PM20:00

Opening Concert of PCMF

Opening Concert : NOVA x Felix Del Tredici

PCMF 2019's visiting artist Felix Del Tredici presents with the NOVA Ensemble an intriguing programme of eclectic pieces, ranging from early Venetian Baroque trio sonatas to highly experimental ‘comprovisation’ scores by the German-Indian composer, Sandeep Bhagwati.

This concert will feature a number of Hong Kong premières, including Bhagwati’s Miyagi Haikus (2019), a lyrical dirge commemorating ‘the triple catastrophe that hit Japan in March 2011’, as well as the highly personal Felix Variations (2010), composed by the young trombone virtuoso’s uncle, David Del Tredici.

Swiss traditional - Der Alte Muotathaler
Luciano Berio - Sequenza V
Sandeep Bhagwati - Miyagi Haikus I / IV / XIV
Antonio Bertali - Sonata à 3 due Violini, Trombone e Continuo in D minor
David Del Tredici - The Felix Variations
Antonio Bertali - Sonata à 3 Violini, Trombone e Continuo in A minor
Alvin Lucier - Wind Shadows
Sandeep Bhagwati : Miyagi Haiku XVI
Luciano Berio - Aldo

Performers :

Felix Del Tredici [visiting artist], trombone

Members of NOVA Ensemble
Angus Lee, flute
Stephenie Ng, clarinet
Karen Yu, percussion
Sean Lai, violin
Vivian Shen, violin
Chak-yin Pun, cello
Crystal Tam, double bass


Visit this event's page at PCMF 2019 official website :

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8:00 PM20:00



Alexandra Spence (澳洲AU)
field recordings, objects, electronics
物件, 電子

余林橞 Karen Yu
percussions, objects
敲擊, 物件

上野 健 Ken Ueno & Nerve
extended voice, electronics
延伸人聲, 電子

01•06•2018 SAT | 20:00 | $100
20α | 灣仔軒尼詩道367號富德樓13樓 | 13/F, Foo Tak Building, 367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai

主辦 Organized by 20α
工作室贊助 Studio sponsored by ACO 艺鵠

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The Up:Strike Project: Beer Pairing with Jess Tsang
8:00 PM20:00

The Up:Strike Project: Beer Pairing with Jess Tsang

∆ Chamber percussion music and Craft beer pairing ∆

The Up:Strike Project will be partnering with Jess Tsang, founder of Listenbeer, a project dedicated to pairing music with craft beers. Fascinated by the worlds of contemporary music, material culture, speech, and the culinary arts, Jess views percussion as a flexible field with endless possibilities for intersection.

Beer and music, why?
We agree with Jess - "Listenbeer is a new entryway for audience members, fusing together two closely related habits: you go to a concert, you have a beer. Why shouldn’t what you physically consume be as important as what you sonically consume?"

Special thanks to Hoszekwong for co-hosting our concert.

Date: Saturday May 4th, 2019
Time: 20:00
Location: 好時光 HoSzeKwong, 10/F, Pang Kwong Industrial Building, 59 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon (5 minutes walk from Kwun Tong MTR Station)

Program includes percussion works by Matthew Burtner, John Cage, an Asian Premiere of Sarah Hennies' "Everything Else" and more.

Wait - what about the beers?
4 different style craft beers will be paired with our program throughout the evening, including one homebrew by Edward Li, brewer of HK Brewcraft, dedicated to our concert.

Concert admission: $300 HKD. Complimentary beers available.
* only 50 tickets are available *

To make sure we have enough beer for everyone, please note that payment transaction is preferred prior the event

RSVP NOW through: https://forms.gle/kDMP8C2kpa6aTbA49
* only members on the guest list will be accepted at the door *

Not a beer drinker? Message or email us about possible options.

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空中集氣 Intersection in midair - Concert 聲音演出
8:00 PM20:00

空中集氣 Intersection in midair - Concert 聲音演出

  • HKICC Lee Shau Kee School Of Creativity (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

[Please Scroll Down for English ]
)))))) 空中聲響迴旋震盪,聆聽探索奇幻旅程。((((((
whirling in mid air, fantasy in ear.
A Sound Performance from 11 Musicians and Artists

參與音樂人與藝術家 :
Participating Musicians and Artists:

陳濬人 Adonian Chan ( 結他 | Guitar )
ASJ ( 電子 | Electronics)
錢璟 Chin King ( 古箏|Guzheng)
鈴木英倫子 Suzuki Elico (預置鋼琴,現成物|Prepared Piano, Objects)
李穎姍 Fiona Lee (電子,聲音物件 |Electronics, Sound Objects)
馮俊彥 Jasper Fung (擴音機, 電子| Loudspeakers, Electronics)
余林橞 Karen Yu (敲擊,自製樂器|Percussion, Self-made instruments)
上野健 Ken Ueno ( 人聲|Voice )
Shane Aspegren (鼓,電子| Drumset & Electronics )
大城真 Makoto Oshiro (自製電子樂器 | Self-made Electronics instruments)
許敖山 Steve Ɲerve( 電子 | Electronics)

音響設計 Sound System Design:
謝孝忠 Jay Tse

燈光設計 Lighting Design:
AriesFlare Studio

日期 Date: 5.1.2019
時間 Time:晚上19:30至 21:00
地點 Venue:香港兆基創意書院多媒體劇場
Multi-media Theatre, Hong Kong Sau Kee School of Creativity

########## #只此一場!100位,先到先得 #########
###### 100 tickets only! Get your tickets now! ########

*搶票呢邊*Grab your tickets here~

實體票💳💳SOLD OUT!!!
正價門票 Regular Entry :
$220(putyouself.in 預售+$9手續費) | $260(即場)

全日制學生門票 Full-time Student Entry :
$180(putyouself.in 預售+手續費 Charge: $8)

60歲或以上高齡人士、殘疾人士及看護人門票 Senior citizens aged 60 or above, People with disabilities and the minder Entry
$180 (putyouself.in 預售+手續費 Charge: $8)





《空中集氣》由聲音藝術家 李穎姍Fiona Lee 發起, 邀請不同演奏媒介的藝術家與音樂人參與。演出者們的修習極度多元化,但皆具實驗精神,包括數字搖滾樂隊 tfvsjs 結他手 陳濬人 、著名古箏演奏家 錢璟 、香港電子實驗音樂巨頭 許敖山 、以打造迷幻節奏見稱的樂隊 Blood Wine or Honey 鼓手 Shane Aspegren 、以手提擴音器演唱樂聲的 上野健 、擅長創作剛柔並重之電子音樂的 ASJ 、熱衷當代音樂並醉心自製敲擊樂器的 Karen Yu 、 研究及實踐演奏另類揚聲器的 Jasper Fung 。連同來自日本的即興預置鋼琴家 鈴木英倫子 與聲音藝術家 大城真 共同演出 ,兩者皆以自製電子樂器為主,揉合光影及動力裝置,開闊手邊現成物在聲音上的可塑性。



Intersection In Mid Air is a music experimenting ground which spans across different fields. It seeks to gather and group performers into various combinations for a series of impromptu. Beyond the rooted expression from each, this occasion poses an unfamiliar situation for all to listen, to learn, and more crucially, to collaborate and push the boundary in sound making experimentations and performances. Positioned around the entire hall, the performers will take themselves on upholding one’s sensitivity while active listening to sculpt an interacting multi-layered listening experience, and expand the room for interpretation and vocabularies of music/sound as a whole.

Initiated by sound artist Fiona Lee, Intersection In MidAir invites artists and musicians from diversified background to participate. The participating performers cover a spectrum of musical practices which highlights the dynamic signatures in each genre without losing its experimatality. Participating artists and musicians includes Adonian Chan, guitarist from math-rock band tfvsjs, Chin King, renowned Guzheng player; Steve Ɲerve, Hong Kong’s leading experimental musician; Shane Aspegren, drummer from the electro-psychedelia band Blood Wine or Honey; Ken Ueno, vocalist/improviser/sound artist renowned for his extended techniques in the use of human voice; ASJ, electronic musician who engages with various rhythms and beats; Karen Yu, dedicated musician in contemporary music and self-made instruments; Jasper Fung, sound artist specialized in the alternative uses of loudspeaker; Japanese “prepared piano” improviser Suzuki Elico and sound artist Makoto Oshiro, both of whom specialized in self-made electronic musical instruments.
Together with the unique practices and approaches in sound making from each performer, the group looks forward to fuse a variety of sound and mechanical devices with the light and shadow to bring forth and inspire the musical flexibility in the everyday objects that surround us.

**The performance runs approximately 90 minutes without intermission. Please be punctual. **

網上門票現於 putyourself.in 發售
Tickets are also available online at putyourself.in

查詢Enquiry: iimsound.info@gmail.com

計劃發起人 Project Initiator
李穎姍 Fiona Lee

票務 Ticketing:

Program Supported by Art Development Coucil

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 Interwoven Threads–The Up:Strike Project Launch Concert
8:00 PM20:00

Interwoven Threads–The Up:Strike Project Launch Concert

Interwoven Threads–The Up:Strike Project Launch Concert
The Up:Strike Project首演音樂會 "Interwoven Threads"
🗓 2nd December, 2018 (SUN日) @8pm
📍 Y-Studio Youth Square 青年廣場
🎫 $140
(門票於11月2日起於城巿售票網公開發售 Tickets are available from URBTIX's box offices from 2 November 2018 onwards)
Supported by 香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC)
Program 曲目
-Volume for 2 Percussion by Missy Mazzoli 蜜西 • 馬佐莉《集》敲擊二重奏
-Unchained Melody by David Lang 大衛 • 朗 《隨意律》
-Mallet Quartet by Steve Reich 史蒂夫 • 萊許 《鍵琴四重奏》雙馬林巴琴及雙顫片琴
-Threads for Percussion Quartet by Paul Lansky 保羅 • 蘭斯基 《縷》敲擊四重奏
The Up:Strike Project

The Up:Strike Project aims to embody the nature of the integral movement in percussion: “up and strike.” Founded by two Hong Kong-based percussionists, Dr. Matthew Lau and Karen Yu, The Up:Strike Project is a diverse and flexible group, aiming to thread the community together by welcoming all levels of percussionists and musicians, and consistently engaging different young and emerging percussionists to work with us. By bringing professional and emerging percussionists together, presenting and championing a diverse mix of percussion music, and supporting the future leaders of percussive arts, The Up:Strike Project endeavors to strike and stand out as the pioneer of the ever-changing art form in percussion and contemporary music.

The co-founders of The Up:Strike Project are prominent percussionists who are actively involved in the percussion scene in Asia and North America, with additional appearances in Australia, Europe, and Latin America. Dr. Matthew Lau is one of the most prominent percussionist in Hong Kong who performs a wide range of repertoire with absolute commitment to communicating the meaning and essence of percussion music to audiences. As a percussionist, performing artist and interdisciplinary arts researcher, co-founder Karen Yu believes that music is beyond pleasure for our ears and she is keen on exploring the possibilities of combining sonic and performing arts. The co-founders have most recently performed in the Transplanted Roots Percussion Research Symposiums, Aspen Music Festival, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, IRCAM Manifeste Academy and Bang On A Can Marathon Concert.

Devoted to bring changes to the percussion community by elevating the artistry, The Up:Strike Project seeks to broadening the range of performed repertoire, and enlarging the audience circle through reducing the distance between the society and us.


Up:Strike的兩位創辦人活躍於亞洲和北美的敲擊樂界,間中亦會亮相於澳洲、歐洲和拉丁美洲的舞台。劉語博士在香港敲擊樂界頗具名氣,他演出的樂曲類型廣泛,力求將樂曲的意義和精髓一絲不苟地呈現於觀眾眼前。余林橞集敲擊樂手、表演藝術者及跨域藝術研究者於一身,她認為音樂不只局限於聽覺的享受,為此,她醉心於發掘音樂與表演藝術融為一體的可能。劉氏和余氏近期遠赴Transplanted Roots Percussion Research Symposiums、Aspen Music Festival、Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity、IRCAM Manifeste Academy和Bang On A Can Marathon Concert演出。


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